As an early adopter of innovative technologies, Whistl started working with WarmTronics in 2018 to develop a bespoke heating solution for their Warehouse teams. Following extensive prototype testing and trials, a Low Voltage, FAR Infrared, Heat Mat (with built in Anti-fatigue User Comfort) was born.


Following a review by GXO’s ‘Cold Storage’ division in France in March 2023, the potential of WarmTronics was discovered to keep their refrigerated warehouse team warmer whilst packing frozen goods. Our pioneering FAR infrared technology warms the person, rather than the air, so the refrigeration engineers were happy to proceed with this solution and had confidence that it would not impact their cooling equipment.


Our Heat Mats provide safe heating for Geodis, keeping their Warehouse Team warm in their 24/7 ‘Freight Forwarding’ centres. With large amounts of cardboard and packaging in the facility, the Geodis Health and Safety team had been actively looking for a heating alternative to fan heaters and infrared lamp heaters following a request by their insurers. With WarmTronics being a “low voltage device”, and the components not exceeding 60 ℃, we were able to provide Geodis with a safe heating solution.